Even when you are not earning wages, you can still establish your credit. The credit Act of 2009 made it simpler for stay at home parents and other individuals without a formal job to get credit cards. The law allows access to a card only for people who have an independent income source. In case you already have a card, your lack of employment should not worry you. However, when you want to get a new line of credit such as a mortgage, your request might be denied. In case you are Unemployed, consider these tips that will enable you to be eligible for a loan.

 1. Become authorized to use a spouse’s account

 It will prove to probable creditors that you are prompt at paying your bills. You will also be able to show that you keep a low debt to credit ratio. In case your spouse is not in a position to help you out, consider asking a close relative for this favor.

 2. Obtain a secured credit card

 Such will require you to put in some cash upfront. Therefore, it is not possible to spend more amount than you put. For instance, when you require about $2,000, then you should deposit $2,000. When managed dutifully, such can boost your rating and enable you to qualify for an ordinary card later.

 3. Get a branded card

 Establish a positive credit statement with a company card, such as one for gas. Such are easier to obtain as they have lower limits than the usual cards. Therefore, they are an ideal way of building your credit score.

 4. Consider alternative credit scores

 Traditional credit scoring is often based on your history of borrowing money through loans and credit cards. It barely considers others payments like utilities and rent. However, alternative scores allow such. They are therefore a great way of showcasing your good payment habits.